BUS drivers, often unsung heroes dealing with society daily, deserve recognition for their compassionate service.

A Malaysian woman recently shared her experience on Facebook, praising a bus driver for his exceptional service.

According to her post, the bus driver went the extra mile by announcing each incoming station loudly, ensuring all passengers were aware.

He also gently honked the horn at every stop, alerting waiting passengers of the bus’s arrival.

The considerate driver’s attention to detail and welcoming gestures throughout the journey impressed the woman.

The traveller noted “Drivers who serve the public with such enthusiasm deserve recognition. When their efforts are acknowledged, it fuels them to strive even harder.”

Drivers like him deserve and urgently need to receive credit from their companies for going above and beyond in their jobs to guarantee that clients have the finest experience possible.

The viral post expressed heartfelt gratitude to the bus driver, encouraging him to continue his excellent work.