MOST people who celebrated Chinese New Year were at home attending family reunions throughout the weekend.

But if you were in Kuala Lumpur, you would have realised that were a lot of foreign workers in malls and tourist spots.

However, not all Malaysians were pleased with what they saw; some even said that they felt like tourists in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka.

Over the weekend, the videos became popular on social media, and a Malaysian food YouTuber, @rifdiamri, used his TikTok post to criticise the unfavorable stereotype of foreign workers in Malaysia.

“I don’t see you all treating Koreans and Westerners the same way.” the person asserted.

According to Rifdi, Malaysians have no authority to interfere with the foreigners’ enjoyment on their days off.

“Were we to put an end to them? They are free to travel wherever they choose.”

“They were on vacation. Why is it necessary to make fun of them and claim that they smell bad?”

The YouTuber made it clear that he wasn’t attempting to defend the foreigners and that he didn’t see why it was necessary to criticise them for simply going out to spend time.

He continued by saying that things would have turned out differently if there had been other foreigners in KL instead of Bangladeshis.

You people would have been content if the people had been Koreans or Westerners. Rifdi grumbled, “I don’t understand you guys.”

He then discussed Malaysians employed overseas, including industrial workers and fruit pickers, and “invited” internet users to consider our situation from the viewpoint of the locals in other countries.

“Do you really believe that when we come there as foreign workers, the locals don’t look down on Malaysians?”

Additionally, Rifdi urged everyone to quit thinking of themselves as superior than foreigners at the end of his video.

What do you think—maybe the least we can do is let the foreign workers enjoy themselves on their day off?