The deceased was well-liked, in addition his stall was well-known for serving the greatest chicken steak in the area.

A well-known local chicken chop vendor died horribly in a gruesome incident in Kuala Kangsar on September 20.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the 58-year-old man, who was well known for always donning a waistcoat and wooden clogs as his distinctive attire at his stall, suddenly passed out and fell face-first into a wok of boiling oil.

It was reported that the seller was discovered faint of breath and was rushed to the Kuala Kangsar hospital with significant burns on his face, chest, and back.

Despite being burnt in the face with hot oil, it was known that the deceased was still alive at the time.

He sadly died in the hospital an hour later at 2:21pm. The post-mortem report came back stating it looked into second-degree burns and respiratory hypoxia.

The deceased’s mother-in-law claimed that “the deceased worked six days a week and still would prepare ingredients during his break.” In addition, the deceased had complained of feeling lightheaded to her and was advised to rest.

Additionally, the deceased’s sibling Liu Youming claimed that his younger brother also had high blood pressure.

For his family, friends and fans, this is a genuinely heart-breaking loss considering he was widely recognised for being an animal lover and someone who never hesitated to help others. May he rest in peace.

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