A woman recently shared her experience encountering alleged racial bias.

In a video uploaded on TikTok via @preeyanka23 on Saturday, she said her family was trying to buy ice cream for her young nephews and nieces when they were at a picnic spot in Pantai Remis during the long weekend.

However, the ice cream vendor on motorcycle refused to sell ice creams to her family because they are Indians, claimed the woman.

Shocked, they inquired as to why, and the vendor explained that he had stuck a police record on his motorcycle from a prior confrontation with a few inebriated Indians, which caused him to refuse to sell to Indians.

She then said in her first video, “I understand that you are traumatised or whatever, but these are kids; are they going to get drunk or beat you up?”

She subsequently stated that a friendly Malay family who witnessed what happened approached them and offered to purchase the ice cream for her nieces and nephews.

Now, the ice cream vendor has apologised to the family concerned after the incident became viral on TikTok.

@preeyangka23 stated that the man refused to sell to her little nieces and nephews due to “past trauma” from being attacked by “drunk Indians.”

“To clear up any racial confusion, the ice cream seller is Indian-Muslim (mamak).” She said in an attempt to put an end to the confusion.

In her second video, she stated that the situation had been handled following the seller’s apologies.

She hoped that this experience would serve as a lesson to everyone, especially sellers, to avoid racism.

Additionally, she posted the seller’s apologetic video, in which he apologised sincerely and stated that she may come and purchase ice cream from him anytime.

Aside from thanking the vendor, she also praised MIC for making the effort to assist address the matter. It is thought that MIC paid a visit to the ice cream shop and assisted in getting the apologetic video transmitted to @preeyangka23.

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