WHEN entering a mall, parking tickets are issued at the parking bay entrance of the premises, ensuring each driver gets a ticket - ensuring said ticket is kept carefully as one may have to pay a penalty fine for losing or damaging the ticket.

Recently, a man tried to get himself another parking ticket from the machine at the parking pay entrance, as shown in a video posted on Facebook page B40 Buat Perangai Apa Harini.

The post confirmed that the incident took place in Ipoh Parade.

The video showed the man pressing the button on the machine to get a new ticket however, the boomgate hung, indicating the system is jammed already.

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But this did not stop the man as he moved to the other machine and did the same thing and still ended up ticket-less.

He still persisted in getting his ticket and went back to the machine where the system was jammed and tried his luck again.

Netizens were baffled at the man’s actions with some explaining that these machines will only issue a ticket if they detect a vehicle in the first place while others speculated that he was trying to avoid paying the fine for going over the limit of 15 minutes to exit the parking bay.

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