TIPPING is not a common practice in Malaysia and has always been up to the individual.

A lady recently turned to X to report her unsatisfactory experience with a e-hailing driver who not only had a grumpy face throughout but also made unsavoury remarks about customers who do not tip.

According to her tweet, she had booked a e-hailing ride and the driver was apparently sighing that she had to drive from a very far distance to pick her up.

Upon hearing this, the customer added that she was ready to leave a substantial tip to compensate for her hardships.

Just when one would think the situation was over, the driver instead chose to complain repeatedly about the tiresome journey of having to pick the passenger up and even added, “Tudung people never tip!”

All thoughts of tipping the driver vanished since the woman was taken aback by the latter’s comments.

Speaking with WeirdKaya, the woman explained that despite the driver’s stereotyped statement, she did not call her out on it because the driver had already reached her destination.

When asked if she had reported the incident, she had replied that while the e-hailing company had contacted her, she does not want to file a report, saying that sometimes drivers have “off days” and she does not want to aggravate the situation further.