THERE are times when one may experience road rage when driving but it is always best to remain calm as the consequences for acting out on it may have even worse implications.

A heated argument between a driver of a Singaporean-registered vehicle and a Malaysian driver recently made waves on social media, after the argument escalated in one of the cars sustaining damages from a golf club.

A statement from Johor Police Chief CP M Kumar today said that the incident took place on Feb 10 (Saturday) at KM 139.6 of the North-South Expressway.

According to the statement, one of the drivers was blocking the other driver’s path on the emergency lane, prompting the other driver’s dissatisfaction.

The driver then got down from their car and smashed the other vehicle’s rear mirror.

In the video, it is shown that the Singaporean alights from his car in a fit of rage with a golf club and smashes the SUV’s rear window.

However, the Malaysian driver had also slapped the rear mirror of the Singapore-registered vehicle, triggering the Singaporean driver to use his golf club.

During the heated scuffle, passengers from the Malaysian driver’s SUV tried to cool down the situation and stop the fight. It is not shown what happens after that.

Police are now looking for the driver of the Singapore-registered vehicle and the case classified and investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code with a prison sentence of not less than one year and not more than five years or a fine or both.

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