BEING proud of our county’s homegrown or abroad talents is a natural feeling our fellow nationals feel about one of our own, and as for Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, who recently won the Academy Award, Malaysians cannot help but to feel pride and be inspired by her success.

However, religious preacher, PU Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak has stated in his Instagram post that Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar win is not something to be proud of.

“How is winning an Oscar something to be proud of? How does it make Malaysia proud? What is there to be proud of?” he said in his post.

The religious figure even went on to categorise being prideful of the veteran actress winning the sought-after award as not beneficial to his faith.

“Leave the faithless to be proud of her success!” he concluded in his post.

Netizens were incensed at his post, criticising PU Syed for diminishing Michelle’s achievement of bagging an Oscar as not only the first Malaysian, but as the first Asian, marking it a historical moment in the Hollywood film industry.

“It is not a sin to congratulate her for her talents representing Malaysia. You only want to create unnecessary issues,” a netizen commented.

“Stop being so bitter. Are you really that thirsty for attention,” another netizen asked.

“So negative. We are just congratulating her,” a netizen pointed out.

“Why do you want to be resentful now? You are supposed to set a good example for Muslim people,” a netizen added.

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