IT is a scary experience seeing a herd of wildlife heading towards you while driving along the road with forest cover on both sides.

This was the recent case for several motorists in Sabah following their encounter with a herd of Borneo pygmy elephants during their travels.

In a TikTok video by @lurveiscinta, panicked drivers were seen reversing their vehicles as a herd of pygmy elephants in Maliau Basin were heading toward them at a terrifying pace.

In the video, two men who were believed to be in the tow truck behind the elephants, had ran away in fear of their vehicle being trampled on as they were initially surrounded.

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“We were all in survival mode. Good thing when I was driving, I stayed cool and did not panic.

“However, it was torture reversing downhill as there was a lorry behind,” the TikTok user captioned her video.

Maliau Basin Conservation Area, also touted as “Sabah’s Lost World,” is a “self-contained pristine rainforest” housing diverse flora and fauna, as quoted by Amazing Borneo’s official website.

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Previously, pygmy elephants were spotted roaming about the area, according to the Maliau Basin Conservation Area YouTube channel.

Fortunately, a ranger in the area managed to guide the elephants away from the road later on, the TikTok added in the comments section.

Netizens expressed their concern and awe, remarking how the TikTok user was so “lucky” to see the pygmy elephants in person.