RECENTLY, an anonymous post by a local man describing the separate “balik kampung” arrangements with his wife to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri has drawn attention from netizens.

Basically, in order to avoid potential arguments, the man revealed that he and his wife would celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri apart by traveling back to their hometowns individually rather than together.

On X, @meinmokhtar said that he and his spouse, who are 35 and 36 years old, respectively, had been traveling to their hometown separately during Hari Raya Aidilfitri for the past five years.

“I return to my kampung, she goes back to hers. We have no problems and are both satisfied.”

Since we are both the oldest children, this arrangement will continue as long as both of our parents are living. Please take after us, haha.” he expalined further.

Many Malaysians expressed their amazement and amusement at the couple’s arrangement in the comments section of the X post.

Similarly, a lot of people attempted to theorize why the pair could succeed when others couldn’t.

“Are you guys distant cousins?” a user asked. How is the proximity of your parents’ homes to one another?”

Another other user, though, questioned “how they could fulfil this arrangement, which is that both of their parents are neighbours.”

A reader countered that this kind of agreement is only feasible in the event that the couple is childless.

What do you think, how is it possible for this couple to drive separately to their Raya celebrations?

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