The glass of the washing machine smashed into pieces but thankfully, no one was injured.

A couple in Singapore did the unthinkable when they stuffed a baby playpen into a self-service washing machine, causing it to explode.

The onlooker who was at the scene, expressed her horror of witnessing the scattering suds and broken glass on Facebook.

“It was like a horror movie, with foam and glass flying everywhere.”

Netizen’s initially assumed that the item that caused the explosion was a stroller because there were wheels in the washing machine. But it turned out to be a baby playpen.

The onlooker even added that the English-speaking couple who owned the playpen seemed to be unaware of how dangerous the very act of placing the playpen in the washing machine was.

“When the item’s owner saw me filming it, she told me I shouldn’t post it online and asked me to delete the video because it included people; I did so in her presence.”

After the incident, netizens were concerned that shattered glass and slippery surfaces might result in an accident and possible electrical issues.

She told WeirdKaya that although the glass of the washing machine was smashed into pieces, thankfully, no one was wounded.

The machine just violently shuddered and scattered froth and glass everywhere.

The condition of the playpen stays unknown since the witness stated the couple left the scene before the shop owner arrived.

When a netizen inquired as to why the washing machine was not switched off, she informed that several witnesses present were senior citizens and might fall due to the soap water on the floor.

“Additionally, young children were present and we were concerned about the potential electrical leakage and the possibilities of them getting wounded due to it. As a result, we allowed the machine to keep running.”

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