KHAIRUL Aming, Malaysia’s favorite content creator, continues to impress both on and off-screen.

Known for his humility, he recently solidified his place in fans’ hearts with an incredibly generous gesture for his staff.

In a heartwarming video on his TikTok, Khairul treated his entire team (100 employees!) to a Raya extravaganza. It all started with a shopping spree for new Hari Raya clothes – the staff had complete freedom to choose their perfect outfits!

But Khairul’s generosity didn’t stop there. The next day, he whisked them away for grocery shopping, ensuring their Raya preparations were stress-free.

The video captured the joy as employees filled their carts with essentials, some even calling family to check for any additional needs.

But the real showstopper was the “duit Raya” (festive bonus). The video revealed thick envelopes overflowing with cash – each employee received at least thirty RM50 notes, with some receiving a stack of RM100 notes as well!

Finally, to top it all off, Khairul treated everyone to a celebratory Raya breakfast at a luxurious hotel.

Netizens were blown away by Khairul’s willingness to invest in his employees. Comments on the video were filled with admiration and aspirations to be a leader like him:

“One day I want to be a CEO like this. Pray for me because who knows right? Hehe,“ one user remarked.

Another user aptly summarized the situation: “That’s a true leader. Lead, care, recognise, & appreciate.”

Khairul Aming isn’t just a content creator anymore; he’s setting a shining example of employee appreciation and generosity, proving that success can be measured in more ways than one.

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