MANDARIN oranges are often given out around Chinese New Year, but one man was dissatisfied with the amount of oranges he received from his employer.

The man was heard lamenting the quantity of mandarin oranges he received in a highly viewed clip that Wa Fans reposted.

The box of fruits was intended to be divided, with each individual only eligible for three pieces of oranges.

“My kid alone can eat half the box of oranges,“ the man claimed.

He also expressed his hope in the caption for the large corporation that runs his place of employment to fail and close its doors since it treats its staff poorly.

Not even a large box. “Stupid,“ the guy angrily said.

Since the video went viral, the man has been under fire for being ungrateful. Soon later, he posted an additional video in which he described his predicament.

“My boss is just stingy; I’m not being ungrateful,“ he continued.

The man said that he was only attempting to inform others that he was employed by a stingy employer and that it was never his aim to be ungrateful.

“I’m not requesting his deference to me. It’s acceptable to forego bonuses, but at least express gratitude.” He wrote.

The man identified himself as a crane operator and stated that although his line of work involves many risks, all he wanted was some recognition.

He said, “I always do my best to comply with my boss’s requests, even if it puts my life in jeopardy.”

Three Mandarin oranges for each person—what do you think? Was he only acting ungratefully, or is this unreasonable?