AS Ching Ming Festival approaches on April 4, Chinese communities across the country are gearing up to visit ancestral graveyards.

As the days of honouring the departed beckon, several teenagers were caught dancing near a gravesite in a widely circulated video.

The video currently circulating on Facebook has ignited discussion about traditional customs during Ching Ming Festival.

Additionally, it shows three Malaysians, dressed casually in shorts and t-shirts, dancing near a gravesite.

The caption, “Times have changed. This is how the youth visit the gravesite now,“ suggests a lighthearted approach.

However, many netizens expressed disapproval, believing the behavior disrespectful to the deceased and the solemnity of the occasion.

While the video’s location is unknown, it highlights the ongoing debate about evolving traditions and the importance of cultural sensitivities during religious holidays.

The video sparked strong reactions online, with many viewers expressing disapproval. Some comments, like “Youth today don’t even respect their ancestors. This is too much,“ reflected concern about a perceived decline in tradition.

Other’s emphasised “Yes, times have changed but not traditions. Do they even know what it means to visit the ancestors’ graves? Don’t call me old school,“ a netizen added.

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