TERENGGANU exco Haji Hanafiah Mat has come under fire lately for the lack of consideration in contributing to underprivileged households in several areas in his constituency.

Previously, the exco had attempted to mock the Menu Rahmah initiative by pouring orange juice on top of a Rahmah meal with rice, fish and vegetables, as an attempt to ‘make it taste better’.

In Haji Hanafiah’s recent TikTok video, he displayed his efforts to give back to the people in this holy month of Ramadan by handing out a fish per household under the Poorest Nation Housing Programme (PPRT).

In the video, he can be seen handing the raw fish to each household taken from a cooler box in a car boot, uncovered without a small plastic bag or a container.

“When the people’s affairs are settled, we will try to create something for their benefit. I can give one (fish) to each household of PPRT residents in Paya Berenjut, Kampung Besut 2 and Bakau Tinggi to break their fasts,” captioned the video.

Many netizens pointed out that the way he had given the fish to the underprivileged could be considered offensive.

“I will accept what is given to me, but I will observe how it was handed to me,” a netizen implied.

“Put the fish in a container and then give it to them. It is much better that way. You have to approach the people with grace,” another netizen commented.

“It seems like you are giving the fish to the cat instead,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, some others defended Haji Hanafiah, saying that it is not unusual to hand out fish to the people the way he did in Terengganu, while others commended him for his charitable act.

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