A Malaysian TikTok user, @ezzuchang, recently exposed a rather disturbing act at a Ramadan bazaar.

He came across an individual distributing flyers promoting gambling and unlicensed money lending services, known locally as “Ah Long.”

Ezzuchang, who also has a stall at the bazaar, confronted the man and urged him to stop.

However, the individual persisted in handing out the flyers to stall owners.

Determined to act, Ezzuchang created a TikTok video highlighting the issue and calling for authorities to intervene.

“Many Malays are struggling financially right now. I want to warn them about these traps. Once you’re in debt to Ah Long, life becomes incredibly difficult.”

His video prompted the flyer distributor to leave the area.

He concluded his message with a call to vigilance: “Let’s all be aware and protect ourselves from these predatory practices.”

This incident sheds light on the potential dangers faced by bazaar patrons, particularly those facing financial hardship.

It also highlights the power of social media in raising awareness and prompting action against illegal activities.

Under his viral TikTok post many internet users praised his behaviour in the comment section.

One user additionally commented: “Thanks, bro, for protecting them.”

Meanwhile, another user exclaimed “I appreciate what you’ve done. May Allah bless you for your generosity.”

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