The student’s confidence is certainly admirable

HIGHER education students in Malaysia are often required to participate in an internship to get to know their respective industries.

But being a novice to the workforce itself, they should take this opportunity as a learning experience and not demand too much from their employers seeing that it can ruin a first impression.

A graphic design company recently shared a student’s internship application which listed down their list of far-fetched requirements (demands).

KF Design 黑月亮脸设计 on Facebook shared the student’s e-mail sent to them on Nov 15, looking asked the company “to confirm” if they provide the requirements as listed in the e-mail:

Transport incentive

A room for interns to stay

Breakfast and lunch incentive

Performance bonus

Intern salary above RM3,000

The company was gobsmacked at the many requests the student made and in their post, rejected the “offer” saying “Please don’t...But wish you all the best”.

Netizens were also shocked at the student’s entitlement, agreeing that they were asking too much and said that they would never hire such an intern.

It is understandable that interns to not want to receive the short end of the stick after working hard but there is a limit to one’s demands, especially if there is a lack of experience.

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