VIRAL Bukit Bintang shawarma restaurant spotted being raided by immigrations officers in video.

Immigration officials have raided the well-known shawarma restaurant in a video posted by a TikTok user, allegedly because some of its employees lacked a valid work permit.

A vehicle with the Malaysian Immigration Department’s logo was spotted at the Bukit Bintang restaurant in a video uploaded by @/amirul_70u on TikTok.

The restaurant was allegedly raided by immigration officers because its employees lacked a valid work permit, claimed the video.

The incident was examined in more detail by TikTok user @/chef_arizal_pitboybbq, who posted a video of several Damascus employees being led by police out of the restaurant.

In response to the incident, many online expressed curiosities about why immigration officers had raided the restaurant.

However, many online users had surmised that the Damascus staff did not have valid work permits.

Nonetheless, some internet users concur that it’s a good thing that the government is acting against the problem of foreigners working in Malaysia without a valid permit.

Numerous people also asked the Immigration Department to investigate other companies operating in the Kuala Lumpur region.

Both Damascus and Kuala Lumpur City Hall have not yet made any statements regarding the incident public as of yet.

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