WHEN trying out something from a different culture, we have definitely had moments of uncertainty in what to do therefore, some help or guidance would have done wonders.

The Kumaar family shared a TikTok video of one of their family members assisting a group of diners on what to order at a Malaysian restaurant located in America.

The wife, Rachel, in the video, clad in jeans and a t-shirt had taken it upon herself to guide the novice diners who are military personnel, on the fare served in the restaurant.

“You see a group of Americans not knowing what to order at a Malaysian restaurant and you know how that used to feel so you offer help,” said the caption in the video.

To quell curiosities, the post also shared that the uncertain diners got the “nasi lemak with rendang ayam”.

Netizens were touched at the display of not only sincerity but empathy as plenty of us have been in situations like those diners and how much a little bit of help made so much difference in their experience in trying out a different culture’s food.

“Thank you for stepping up and helping out when you saw the need. Not many people would do that,” a netizen said.

“I used to avoid helping out foreigners because I get very shy and nervous, until I went to Japan alone and experienced the locals’ helpfulness so now I try to be helpful to other foreigners,” another netizen commented.