THE excitement of buying a new car can quickly turn into despair, as one woman discovered after waiting patiently for eight months to receive her brand-new vehicle.

Ea Sya and her family eagerly made their way from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur to pick up their long-awaited car. Little did they know that their happiness would be short-lived.

Tragically, just two hours into their journey back home, their Perodua Alza was struck from behind by another car, resulting in a devastating wreck.

The front and rear ends of the vehicle were severely damaged, and the front bumper was completely crushed, leaving the car in ruins.

Repairing the extensive damages would incur exorbitant costs.

News of the accident spread rapidly, with over 4,000 comments flooding the Perodua Alza group’s post about the incident.

Many expressed their sympathies for Ea Sya and her family, offering words of support during this challenging time.

To Ea Sya and her family, we offer our heartfelt sympathy and wish her the best of luck as she navigates this difficult circumstance.

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