If you’ve ever used a food delivery app to deliver your food, you’d know that if you’re not careful, you might accidentally click pickup instead of deliver.

And then you’d have to deal with the hassle of going to the restaurant to pick up your food.

A frustrated Malaysia woman took to Facebook to vent about her experience with a popular pizza eatery in Johor Bahru.

In a post that was share to pizza eatery’s Facebook page on April 19, the woman that the eatery had “really terrible service” and suggested others to not pizza from them again.

She added that she had paid for her pizza order but there was “no delivery, no response, no refund” and that “it has been over a week”.

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The woman also attached a screenshot of her delivery order. Based on the receipt, she had ordered a total of three pizzas, a box of chicken, and two types of bread on April 10, which she paid RM183.50 for.

Netizens quickly picked up on what went wrong with her order— she had opted for the pickup option!

Facebook users were quick the flood the comment section to mock the woman and the post has since garnered over 2K comments.

“Ordered pick-up but expect delivery, change your name to Karen instead of Rachel,” joked Facebook user Steven. While many other chided her on her reading skills.

“You go pickup your order la. If you want them to send, then choose delivery. Can read or cannot?” said another user.

We hope the woman realised that she clicked the pickup option now!

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