RECENTLY, a Pahang woman made the decision to leave her husband after a heated quarrel and walked seven hours to her mother’s place with her little child. However, halfway through her destination, she came across a sympathetic stranger who offered to give them a ride.

The woman revealed her experience on TikTok, describing how she met a woman who had left her house because she was unhappy with her husband.

She and her husband were travelling close to a forested area in Pahang when the narrative was introduced by a kind bystander. That’s when they came upon the woman on their trip from Kuantan at that point.

She paused to see what was going on and saw that the mother was sobbing while holding her child.

The woman informed the driver that she and her husband had a fight and left her and their child a week earlier.

She added that she was an indigenous person and had experienced fear while lost in the wilderness without a place to hide.

The woman had already been walking for two hours alone, when the generous netizen saw an opportunity to offer her a lift.

They first intended to drive the woman and her child all the way to their house, but she asked to be dropped off at a nearby intersection because the roads to her house were bad.

More than one million people have watched the touching video, and many of them have expressed sympathy for the woman’s plight.

Don’t feel ashamed or afraid if you or someone you know is having marital problems; instead, take pride that you are acting to improve the situation.

You are not alone. Here are some of your options if you’re experiencing domestic violence.

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