ON March 1, the winding B-roads going up Ulu Kali Mountain on the fringes of the Pahang-Selangor border will resonate with the roar of exotic Italian V12 engines.

Lamborghini Owners Malaysia (LOM) is gearing up for an unprecedented feat as they prepare to assemble over 130 roaring specimens of the marque for a “Bull Run” to the top of the mist-shrouded mountain.

Breaking records at high altitudes

With a history of pushing boundaries, the car club is no stranger to record-breaking endeavours. Their previous achievement, set in 2022, saw 112 Lamborghinis at the KLCC open-air car park.

Now, they are embarking on an even grander endeavour, poised to corral a grand convoy of “Stampeding Bulls” where speed and style converge.

Fuelled by a passion for luxury and performance, the gathering of like-minded owners reflects the indomitable spirit of the Italian luxury carmaker.

As they prepare for the Bull Run, enthusiasts can anticipate a showcase of rare and vintage Lamborghini models, including the illustrious Murcielago, the sleek Huracan Spyder, the formidable Aventador SVJ and the versatile Urus SUV.

Beyond the bull run

The excitement does not end with the Bull Run. A gala dinner, dubbed “The Bulls Night”, promises an evening of opulent entertainment.

Attendees can look forward to captivating performances by Istana Budaya, dazzling fashion shows and a highly anticipated performance by renowned singer Datuk Zainal Abidin.

Join the spectacle

As anticipation mounts, supercar enthusiasts are encouraged to join the festivities and be a part of this historic, record-breaking spectacle.

Whether behind the wheel or among the spectators, all are invited to witness automotive history unfold at the Bull Run on March 1.

Car enthusiasts and road trippers keen on joining the trail are encouraged to make reservations at Ulu Kali Mountain’s many resorts in advance to ensure room availability.

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