SINGER and songwriter Chris James has recently unveiled a new captivating song Sugar. The song’s laid-back, catchy, funky-pop melodies, authentic vocals and sincere message convey the liberating and joyful feeling of moving on from a difficult situation.

Having accomplished remarkable things, including contributing to the writing of BTS’ hit song Life Goes On and achieving a sold-out tour in China, James continually cements his status as an emerging talent, demonstrating his prowess with every fresh release.

Featuring unfiltered vocals, funky-pop production and immediately infectious melodies, Sugar emerges as a charming bedroom pop anthem ready to connect with global audiences.

From its conceptualisation to the final mix, James leaves his distinct mark on every element of this track. The song starts with a captivating pre-chorus and hook, instantly immersing listeners in its irresistible sweetness and creating a captivating auditory journey from start to finish.

The song crafts a vivid narrative around themes of self-awareness, introspection and the sweetness discovered in life’s uncomplicated moments. Lines such as “All of my senses are screaming - I should better let it slide” and “Nothing hits harder than the sunshine after rainy skies” capture the internal struggles one encounters.

Meanwhile, the recurring declaration “The air tastes like sugar” conveys a realisation and gratitude for life’s brief yet delightful moments of joy.

Speaking about the song, James explains, “I was going through a little creative rough patch while I was trying to crack Sugar. It‘s funny because the song itself is really about the feeling you have when you come out of a situation like this and you finally get to breathe again, so in a way, the song’s theme reflects the journey to making it.”

Throughout the song, James delves into universal struggles such as overthinking, the quest for external validation and the navigation of challenges. However, what sets him apart is his keen self-awareness, reaching a culmination in the acknowledgement that life can be as sweet as sugar despite its complexities.

In terms of its musical composition, the bedroom pop aesthetic of the track, coupled with its infectious melodies, solidifies Sugar as a catchy earworm, showcasing Chris James’ proficiency as both a songwriter and a producer.

Sugar is currently available for streaming on the music streaming platform.