LADY GAGA appears to be making her debut as the Queen of Crime, in a series of leaked photos taken on the set of Joker: Folie a Deux which quickly made their way to social media.

The photographs appear to showcase a large crowd scene, with Gotham police officers escorting Gaga’s character into a government building. Extras dressed as protesters gather around the star, holding signs with messages of support for The Joker.

Lady Gaga is dressed in a bright red coat with diamond-patterned tights and has markings on her eyes that resemble light clown makeup.

This strongly hints that she will be playing Harley Quinn, noted DC villain and love interest to The Joker.

As of yet, no official word has emerged regarding the name of her character. However, that has not stopped many fans from speculating, bolstered by an Instagram post made by the film’s director Todd Phillips in February.

On Feb 14, Phillips shared what looked to be an official image of Gaga and Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix locked in a romantic embrace, with a caption reading: “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Together with the most recent images, it appears that Lady Gaga is indeed playing at least a version of Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist who finds herself smitten with the Joker before taking on his villainous ways. Margot Robbie had previously portrayed Quinn in Warner Bros. adjacent Suicide Squad films and a solo film centred around the character, Birds of Prey.

Despite the possible presence of a second Harley Quinn within the DC film universe, it has been made clear that Phillips’ Joker sequel will not play a role in the narrative continuity of other upcoming DC films.

Instead, Folie a Deux will establish its own narrative, taking place immediate after the events of the 2019 Joker, in which the disturbed Arthur Fleck set off a violent riot in the city of Gotham.