BREAKING the internet is news that singer Jung Eun-chae is romantically involved with the multifaceted talent, product designer, and entertainer Kim Chung-jae.

Reported recently, the news of their developing relationship from the past year shocked everyone but in a positive way.

Representatives from Jung’s agency Project Hosoo confirmed the exciting news, affirming that the duo is deep in the throes of a relationship, fostering a bond built on positivity.

Both born in 1986, Jung and Kim share a unique synergy evident through their social media interactions, from mutual likes to shared glimpses into their lives. Notably, Jung even graced Kim’s studio in July last year, a subtle yet telling display of their growing intimacy.

Known for her captivating performances in hits like Haunters, The Guest, The King: Eternal Monarch and the highly anticipated Pachinko, Jung is poised for another milestone with her upcoming tvN drama Jung Nyeon, slated for release later this year.

On the other side, Kim’s creative prowess extends beyond the limelight as a distinguished product designer. Despite his behind-the-scenes endeavours, his cameo on MBC’s Home Alone in 2017 offered a glimpse into his charismatic persona, cementing his presence in the entertainment sphere.

As this dynamic pair continues to charm audiences on and off-screen, their celebrity romance is sure to keep fans fascinated for awhile.

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