HELP University’s Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Education and Languages launched Malaysia’s first Centre for Neuropsychology

ON Nov 24, the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Education, and Languages at HELP University Subang campus officially launched the first ever Malaysia’s Center for Neuropsychology.

The launch of the Centre for Neuropsychology at HELP University is a testament to the continued pioneering spirit of the Department of Psychology at HELP, and its strength and depth of expertise in the field of psychology.

A pioneer in offering various psychology courses in Malaysia, HELP was the first private university in Malaysia to offer a fully accredited Masters in Counselling as well as a Master’s of Clinical Psychology to students.

It continues to play a leading role in training psychology professionals and counsellors to support the nation on mental health issues.

Neuropsychology is a field dedicated to understanding the relationship between brain functions and behaviour.

The Centre for Neuropsychology, through its Neuropsychology Clinic, was established to provide neuropsychological assessments, psychological services, patient and family education, cognitive rehabilitation, and tailored interventions for individuals to overcome their limitations and live a wholesome life.

Patients who may benefit from the Clinic’s services include people who have intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD), epilepsies, migraines, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries such as strokes, infections or tumours; and medical conditions affecting brain functions such as heart diseases, chronic kidney diseases, or those who have chronic or persistent psychological difficulties such as anxiety, or bipolar disorders.

The Centre also offers a platform for individuals to pursue academic, clinical, and research training in the field of psychology. Other services include community-based activities to encourage mental health awareness through talks, webinars, and educational videos.

“Neuropsychology has been steadily growing in popularity and significance all over the world over the past eight years,” said Dr A Padmassini, HELP University’s Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist who has a Doctor of Psychology degree from The University of Queensland, Australia will be heading the clinical services in the new centre.

“Similarly, in Malaysia, there are only a handful of certified practitioners to advocate and provide clinical neuropsychology services,” she added.

The Centre’s clinical, research, and academic activities will work towards a vision to continuously grow and contribute to the field of Neuropsychology in Malaysian society with evidence-based services. The Centre aims to make neuropsychology services beneficial to the public while developing a healthy lifestyle that enables people to reach their goals in life.

The newly launched centre is comprised of trained professionals with strong research expertise in neuropsychology. The research activities of the centre is led by Ms Lai Ho Yan, who has an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Sussex, and Mr Tan Ze Wei, who has an MSc in Principles of Clinical Neuropsychology from Bangor University.

“In time, we hope to also be able to offer a post-graduate programme in Neuropsychology”, said Dr Gerard Louis, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Wellbeing) and Dean of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Education and Languages. “This will help meet with the growing demand for post-graduate programmes in different specialisations in the field of psychology”.

For further information, visit the Centre’s website at to learn more.