Dune 2 has a floating Xbox controller from Microsoft

MICROSOFT has introduced the groundbreaking “Floating Xbox Controller” to mark the debut of Dune: Part 2.

Teaming up with Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment, the gaming giant has curated an array of immersive experiences tied to the film’s premiere this Friday.

The standout feature of this announcement, as revealed on Xbox Wire, is the innovative floating Xbox controller, which creates the captivating illusion of levitating above vast sand dunes.

Technically, the floating Xbox controller does not actually float independently — it is placed on a stand that achieves the floating effect.

“A specially designed console holder inspired by the Ornithopter captures the vibrant colours of Arrakis’ sun, planets and sand,” as described in the post on the tech giant’s website.

Alongside this remarkable feature is a specially designed Xbox Series S console holder inspired by the Dune universe.

Described as a “Custom Xbox Series S” and a genuine collector’s item for enthusiasts, this visually striking design, inspired by the Ornithopter, will complement any living room decor.

Furthermore, the popular aviation game Microsoft Flight Simulator is venturing into new territory by offering players a unique experience navigating the challenging atmosphere of Arrakis, which began on Feb 13.

$!Fly an Ornithopter in the free Dune expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For those unfamiliar with it, an Ornithopter is a nimble helicopter-like machine propelled by four precisely tuned oscillating wings.

The Royal Atreides model, featured in the game, represents a special ultra-performance variant of this craft.

Renowned for its lightning acceleration, blazing speeds and precision manoeuvrability, it becomes especially formidable under the control of skilled pilots who possess the fortitude to navigate the harsh environment of the planet.

The free expansion comes equipped with three tutorials covering take-off, landing and freefall. Once players have mastered the basics, they can progress to the six activities included in the package.

These activities consist of five-time trials and a daring rescue mission where aviators must save their flight instructor before a massive sandstorm engulfs him.

Similar to previous instances of innovative Xbox controllers from Microsoft, this exclusive hardware collection is available through competition.

Fans interested in acquiring this unique set can participate by following Xbox on X (formerly Twitter) and retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes post from Feb 13 to March 25.

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