KNOWN for its extensive television and film library, Netflix is also home to a completely different format of content, including video games.

Currently, the streaming service has over 80 games that are completely free for subscribers and yet, oddly, only 1% of its total subscriber base plays the games housed on Netflix.

Over the Nov 11 weekend, Netflix revealed that it will be adding more games in 2024 and these titles are nothing to scoff at.


Considered one of 2020’s best games when it launched, Hades will be leading the charge for top-of-the-shelf gaming content on the streaming service. Steeped in Greek mythology, Netflix users will play Zagreus, a prince of the underworld who attempts to escape his father’s domain as he fights his way out.

As a “roguelike” dungeon-crawler, the game will provide players with an endless combination of weapons, skills and boons from other Greek gods. Each attempt by Zagreus to escape will yield different results.

The only downside to this news is that the game is weirdly exclusive to iOS Netflix subscribers. Sorry, Android users.

$!Braid: Anniversary Edition – JONATHAN BLOW

Braid: Anniversary Edition

A puzzle-platformer, imagine Super Mario Bros, the anniversary edition of Braid, is a time-bending indie game from legendary designer Jonathan Blow.

The updated edition will reimagine the title for modern, high-resolution hardware through a variety of changes and updates, such as improved sound, hand-repainted graphics and smoother animations.

$!Death’s Door is like the Dark Souls games, but not as hard. – DEVOLVER DIGITAL

Death’s Door

In Death’s Door, players assume the role of a sword-wielding crow that navigates the afterlife. The mission is to collect souls for the Reaping Commission Headquarters.

An isometric action-adventure game, Death’s Door boasts a difficulty that will be enjoyed by the more hardcore variety of gamers. If players get stuck on enemies, they will at least get to enjoy how good the game’s art direction and visuals look.


Katana Zero

A neo-noir action platformer, Katana Zero, will have players assume the role of a katana-wielding amnesiac assassin as they hack and slash their way through mobs of enemies, slow down time and dodge deadly attacks as they make their way through a dystopian neon-lit metropolis backed by a synthwave-like soundtrack.

$!The Dragon Prince: Xadia is based on the Netflix show. – WONDERSTORM

The Dragon Prince: Xadia

Finally, Netflix users can look forward to The Dragon Prince: Xadia. Bearing the hallmarks of a game like Diablo, Xadia is a co-op action role-playing game with dungeons, hack-and-slash combat and loot galore.

The game is currently being made at Wonderstorm, the studio responsible for the animated fantasy series of the same name, which is one of the longest-running shows on the streaming service.

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