AS Jamie Foxx takes some time off to recover at home, Nick Cannon has stepped in to fill in for him as the host of the hit game show Beat Shazam. Foxx, a renowned actor and singer, was recently hospitalised due to a “severe” and still-undisclosed medical condition.

As Foxx is currently focusing on his health and healing, Cannon has graciously assumed the hosting duties to ensure the show continues without interruption.

Cannon’s stint began on Tuesday night, and he started off by offering a heartfelt acknowledgment to Foxx.

“Now, I know what you all are thinking: that ain’t Jamie Foxx,“ Cannon was quoted as saying. “And you are absolutely right. I’m actually Nick Cannon, and I’m honoured that Jamie asked me to fill in for him, so make no mistake: this is Jamie Foxx’s house.

“He has hosted this show for five seasons and given way almost US$12 million (RM54.8 million). It’s amazing.”

Expressing his commitment to upholding Foxx's legacy, Cannon shared his determination to give his best in hosting the show. Fellow celebrity Kelly Osbourne was also introduced as guest DJ, stepping in for Foxx's daughter Corinne, who is devotedly attending to her father's needs during this time.

The network extended warm wishes to Foxx for a speedy recovery, expressing their gratitude for Cannon’s willingness to step in and assist during the summer. Osbourne, recognising Foxx as an immensely talented individual, expressed her deep admiration for him and considered it a great honour to temporarily fill in for his daughter.

While an official announcement regarding the Foxxes' comeback to Beat Shazam is still pending, it has been revealed that the father-daughter duo will make a return to the network in the following year. They are set to host a fresh musical guessing game show titled We Are Family.

In a joint statement, the two expressed their excitement about the development of their future show.

The statement read in part: “We are thrilled to be developing We Are Family with Jeff Apploff and our friends at FOX Entertainment after so much success with six seasons of Beat Shazam.“