The actress has a huge number of furbabies and works with animal shelters

RECENTLY asked by BuzzFeed who she sends the most memes and TikTok videos to, actress Millie Bobby Brown admitted that she does have the app.

She then revealed what many people in her generation are also (secretly) considering; she has “been contemplating blocking” her mother, Kelly.

Why? She has been sending Brown way too many “sad, sad TikToks of dogs being rehabilitated.”

The Stranger Things star has since told her off, drawing an example of her needing to walk onto stage for something real and saying, “I just watched a cat be hit by a car”. “So I’m like, ‘This is not something that I want to ever be sent to me again.’”

After her mother reminded her that tragic accidents involving animals are commonplace, Brown responded that it did not warrant her needing to watch it on her phone.

“I’m like, ‘Let’s not make this normal. This isn’t normal’, ” she said. “So we have made an agreement now that only happy videos thus far.”

The actress has a huge family of pets, including eight dogs, four cats, three goats affectionately named after rappers Biggie Smalls, Slick Rick and Cardi B, a donkey, a pony, a sheep and a rabbit.

Two of Brown’s tortoises have been donated to a local classroom. Also an author of the new “The Nineteen Steps” novel,

Brown is known to frequently work with animal shelters and recently helped to nurse a dog named Chloe back to health so that she could be adopted.

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