Wedge Range features the latest technology in golf simulation

AIMING to bring golf to a wider audience beyond traditional greens, Wedge has launched its second location, Wedge Range Golf Bar and Social Club, in Park 51 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya.

The new location pushes the boundaries that were set by its predecessor Wedge Lounge in Desa Sri Hartamas, by offering the same experience but with a broader scope by leveraging the latest technology in virtual golf simulation.

Occupying the entirety of the building’s first floor, Wedge Range is split into two sections. One-half houses premium suites in differing sizes for private gatherings.

$!Swinging into the future

Of the suites available, the smallest is the Palmer Suite, which has a wide-screen simulator and fits 10 occupants. The largest is the Nicklaus Suite, which boasts a giant screen and fits up to 20 golfers.

Both suites have an attached private bathroom. Those opting for something in the middle can consider the Hogan Suite, which allows up to 16 golfers and features two wide-screen simulators.

The other half of Wedge Range is stacked with 13 swing bays. Each individual bay allows one to four golfers.

$!Wedge expects the suites to be a draw for those seeking to hold private events and gatherings.

The latter area also has a semi-private room for Wedge’s PGA Teaching Academy, which offers golfers, from newcomers to the more seasoned, hands-on lessons with PGA professional Francois Van Zyl.

These lessons are conducted one-on-one, using AI-tech simulation in tandem with Zyl’s experience. Wedge Range leverages tech from Uneekor and Inrange for tracking, simulation and gameplay elements, such as different modes for golfers that come in groups to compete with each other socially.

$!Swinging into the future

The outlet’s infusion of golf and entertainment also means it has a bar section (located on the side with premium suites) that offers food and beverages, along with music by a resident DJ as well as live bands.

According to Wedge CEO Tom Sarginson, the company’s second location is future-focused for a reason. Breaking rigid, traditional barriers that have kept people away from golf, Wedge Range is abiding by the company mantra of not being your father’s country club.

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