GLOBAL apparel retailer Uniqlo recently launched the “Find Your Treasure UT” collection, a Uniqlo’s collaborative graphic T-shirt collection with K-pop boy group Treasure.

The “Find Your Treasure UT” collection features designs inspired by the characters and music videos of six iconic Treasure songs: Boy, I Love You, Jikjin, Darari, Hello and Bona Bona. The collection features unisex-friendly oversized proportions tailored specifically for this collection.

Featuring six designs, fans of the group will be able to match with their favourite members.

The first design reflects the debut single album’s title song Boy. The phrase “Find your Treasure” that appears in the music video is printed on the front. The back design has the credit title from the CD jacket.

The second design is from the second single album’s title song I Love You. The front has the heart motif depicted on the CD jacket of the group’s second single album The First Step: Chapter Two. The back features a photo print of the seaside scene that appears in the music video.

Inspired by the cool atmosphere and fast-paced feel of the music video for their first mini album’s title song Jikjin, the third design is inspired by a fictional automotive brand. The front has a small motif suggesting a brand logo. The back has a graphic with an imaginary car speeding by.

This fourth design features the striking lyrics of the first mini album’s song Darari. The front has the word “darari” that is repeated throughout the song, arranged in a stylised font. The back hem is printed with Treasure’s key visual graphic.

$!A design based on the popular song Hello. The front features typography of the word “Hello” in various languages, as seen in the music video.

The fifth design is based on the second mini album’s title song Hello. The front has the word “hello” in several languages as it features in the music video. The back has Treasure’s key visual graphic and the phrase “Where you’ve been all my life” from the song’s lyrics.

The sixth design is based on the group’s second full album’s title song Bona Bona. The word “Treasure” is printed on the front alongside the lyrics “Born to Love Ya” and a CD motif graphic. The back has the Treasure key visual graphic on the hem.

$!A design featuring the most memorable song on the album Bona Bona. The front features a print of the word Treasure, the lyrics “Born to love ya,” and a graphic with a CD motif.

The “Find Your Treasure UT” collection is available at all Uniqlo stores in Malaysia and Uniqlo’s online store with varied available items per store.