Tamashii Nations’ Southeast Asia tour hits Malaysia

AFTER a year’s hiatus, brace yourselves for spectacle like no other - Malaysia is hosting the Ultra Heroes Southeast Asia Tour again.

theSun dives into the exhilarating realm of Tamashii Nations, where Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya transforms into a haven for enthusiasts and collectors from Nov 30 to Dec 10.

Organised under the prestigious Tamashii Nations brand, the tour, orchestrated by Bandai Spirits in collaboration with Bandai Namco Asia, promises an exclusive encounter with the newest Ultra hero, Ultraman Blazar, making Malaysia the first country outside Japan to meet this iconic figure.

$!Unleashing the Ultra Heroes

Ultra Heroes Southeast Asia Tour at Paradigm Mall PJ.

A life-sized statue of Ultraman Blazar, standing tall at approximately 2.0 metres and meticulously crafted based on S H Figuarts, steals the spotlight during the event.

But that is not all — a special video broadcast by the acclaimed Japanese artist Tomoya Warabino, renowned for his compelling portrayal of Gento Hiruma in Ultraman Blazar, adds an extra layer of excitement.

Prepare for an immersive experience as the event unfolds, featuring an epic battle with cinematic-type action that promises to rival the adrenaline of the previous year’s stage show.

The premiere show kicks off at 7pm on Dec 1, with subsequent stage presentations scheduled at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm on the weekends of Dec 2 and 3, as well as Dec 9 and 10. Keep an eye out for updates, though – the schedule might undergo alterations without prior notice.

Beyond the heroics, the tour introduces a fascinating exhibition of the latest figures from the Tamashii Nations. These extend beyond the Figuarts’ Ultraman series, incorporating esteemed intellectual properties such as One Piece, Spy x Family, Mashle and Hell’s Paradise.

Action figures aficionados, brace yourselves. Tamashii Nations will unveil new event-exclusive items, including Figuarts’ Ultraman ZERO and Ultraseven (The Mystery of Ultraseven).

$!A selection of Ultraman and its advsaries on figure arts.

The much-celebrated Figuarts’ Ultraman (The Rise of Ultraman) makes a comeback, available at special merchandise counters, eliminating the need for international travel to add these exclusive items to your collection.

Explore the dedicated merchandise counters, where a treasure trove of memorabilia awaits to enrich your collection. Admission to this grand tour is complimentary, with daily opening hours from 10am to 10pm.

Visitors aged 15 years and older are welcome, while those below this age threshold must be accompanied by a guardian.

As the Malaysia tour concludes, brace yourselves for the Tamashii Nations Southeast Asia Tour’s onward journey to other captivating Southeast Asian cities, including Thailand and Indonesia.

For the latest updates and thrilling behind-the-scenes content, immerse yourself in the world of Tamashii Nations by visiting their official Facebook page.

Get ready to witness the clash of heroes, the unveiling of exclusive figures and the camaraderie of Ultraman enthusiasts. Tamashii Nations’ Southeast Asia Tour is not just an exhibition - it is a superhero pilgrimage.

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