IN honour of the Year of the Dragon, Burger King has unveiled its latest limited-time offer, the “Lucky Your Way” set of meals.

Running from Feb 1 to March 11, these exclusive menus are meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Chinese New Year, offering a delightful culinary journey symbolising luck and happiness.

Experience exclusive menus packed with prosperity

The Lucky Your Way menu presents an array of hearty burgers featuring shredded purple cabbage, nacho cheese sauce, barbeque sauce, American cheese and customised proteins.

Standout options include the Lucky Tendergrill with flame-grilled chicken, the Lucky Double Beef offering double the flavour and the Lucky Salmon, a delectable portion brimming with flavour.

Satisfy your thirst with delightful drinks and desserts

No meal is complete without a refreshing beverage. The joint introduces the lime-flavoured fizz, a palate- cleansing drink infused with a refreshing burst of citrus.

Additionally, the Lucky Your Way menu offers a selection of mouthwatering desserts, including the classic salted caramel cone, sundae cup and the salted caramel coke float.

Embark on an interactive gaming adventure

Adding to the excitement, the joint introduces the roving wheel game, available from Feb 10 to 18 at selected outlets. Customers can spin the wheel for a chance to win vouchers for complimentary sides, drinks or meals, with no purchase required.

Furthermore, a microsite game running from February 1 to 29 allows customers to customise their lucky burgers and win digital vouchers.

Join online contests and exclusive celebrations

Enthusiasts can participate in an online contest by uploading their lucky receipts, with enticing gold prizes up for grabs, including 3 x 10g gold coins and 8 x 1g gold waffles.

The Lucky Your Way set will be available at outlets nationwide and can also be ordered through selected food delivery platforms.

Experience the festivities and indulge in the flavours of the Chinese New Year with Burger King’s Lucky Your Way set meals, offering a unique blend of prosperity, excitement and culinary delight.

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