MEXICO CITY: Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa has declared a two-month state of emergency in the country over a massive energy crisis, reported Sputnik. 

“To declare a state of emergency in connection with serious domestic unrest and public disasters throughout the country, which were caused by the emergency situation in the electric energy sector, in order to secure continuous energy services,“ the president’s decree, as quoted by Expreso news agency, read.

Ecuador’s police and armed forces will be deployed to guard energy infrastructure during the state of emergency, which will be in force for two months, to thwart possible sabotage and terrorist acts, the decree read.

Ecuador is facing a major energy crisis due to the shutdown of hydroelectric plants at the desiccated reservoirs that are the country’s main power generators.

On Wednesday, the government filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against the background of the energy crisis in the country against 22 senior officials of the ministry of energy and mines, including former minister Andrea Arrobo, who allegedly deliberately concealed information important to the functioning of the country’s energy system. - Bernama, Sputnik