SAN JOSE: Microsoft has paused the rollout of its new artificial intelligence feature “Recall”, the tech giant said on Thursday after security concerns were raised, reported German news agency (dpa).

Recall periodically takes snapshots of a PC user’s screen, encrypts and stores them, and then analyses them using AI to search for past information.

Recall was due to feature on Microsoft’s new Copilot+ PC range, due to be released on June 18.

“We are adjusting the release model for Recall to leverage the expertise of the Windows Insider community to ensure the experience meets our high standards for quality and security,“ Microsoft said.

“This decision is rooted in our commitment to providing a trusted, secure and robust experience for all customers and to seek additional feedback prior to making the feature available to all Copilot+ PC users.”

Security experts raised concerns about Recall after it was unveiled by Microsoft. The AI-powered feature will now be an opt-in experience, the database would be encrypted and it would only be accessible when the user authenticates. - Bernama, dpa