Coaching: The key to unlock hidden talents

09 Jul 2014 / 20:18 H.

    PETALING JAYA: Studies and research have shown that coaching is an effective empowering tool when someone wants to learn and perform, especially in the corporate and academic sectors.
    "Each of us have a special talent that is yet to be discovered and coaching is a skill that can unlock these hidden talents, as it is a process that empowers and encourages an individual to be more independent.
    "Once we are able to unlock that special talent, it will help increase our work performance... as coaching is said to be able to improve our conversation skills and techniques," Capt (Rtd) Shanmugam D. Moorthi, who holds a masters degree in human resource management, told theSun recently.
    He added coaching also teaches one the good skills needed to pose questions, to listen and reflect while mentoring and coaching are very different.
    A mentor is an expert on a subject matter while a coach need not be such an expert but must be clear with the coaching process, he explained.
    "If we use coaching skills with other approaches like teaching and training, there will be better results as everyone will slowly get away from the 'spoon-feeding' culture," he added.

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