Pemudah, MPC in talks with semiconductor payers to set up #MyMudah unit

KUALA LUMPUR: The Special Taskforce to Facilitate Business or Pemudah and the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) have proposed to set up a #MyMudah unit to address the economic impact of Covid-19 on members of the Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA).

In a statement today, Pemudah co-chair Datuk Dr Andy Seo Kian Haw said through an Economic Action Council (EAC) meeting chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on Nov 24, 2021, the government had agreed to form the #MyMudah initiative at business associations, ministries, government agencies, state governments, and local authorities.

Pemudah and MPC are tasked to lead the #MyMudah initiative, which is charged to act as a fast forward solution to address the economic implications of the pandemic.

“The semiconductor industry is crucial to Malaysia’s economic growth, and MSIA is the first business association we have met on this initiative.

“I trust the establishment of the proposed #MyMudah unit would facilitate business growth, productivity and expansion, which could enable players to be more competitive in the higher value chain,” said Seo.

Meanwhile, MPC director-general Datuk Abdul Latif Abu Seman said MPC is committed to assisting the establishment of the #MyMudah unit as mandated by the EAC towards building a productive and competitive Malaysia.

“The unit aims to reduce the unnecessary regulatory burdens to shape a more conducive business environment.

“Through the Whole-of-Government approach, public-private engagements & consultations, and analysis, #MyMudah uses an evidence-based methodology to find the best collective solution, which will present a win-win situation for the involved parties,” said Abdul Latif. – Bernama

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