PETALING JAYA: As Malaysia’s Covid-19 vaccination programme picks up steam, companies that have ventured into the procurement and distribution of vaccines are set to benefit from such deals in the form of boosters to their income streams.

According to MIDF Research head Imran Yassin, the key challenge will be the procurement of the vaccine itself.

“However, it seems that, for now, this is manageable. Besides, the varied sources of the vaccines will mitigate some of the concerns as we do not have to rely on one producer, which may lead to bottlenecks and delays in the delivery of vaccines,” he told SunBiz.

As Malaysia grapples with containing the Covid-19 pandemic, an accelerated vaccine rollout has been touted as a viable solution to its woes and set it on the right track towards economic reopening and recovery.

In developed economies such as the US and the UK, inoculation efforts have managed to turn around their struggles with the pandemic and brought them to the path of economic recovery.

The UK has logged an estimated 4.7 million Covid-19 cases to date, out of a population of 66.65 million. Since the rollout of vaccination, the country has eased curbs on certain sectors and sports events are allowed subject to conditions.

In recent weeks, the US has seen its 7-day average of new Covid-19 infections flatten to below 20,000 from a peak of 300,628 on Jan 8 after slightly more than half its population of 332 million have received at least one dose of vaccine.

With such empirical evidence, Imran opined that Malaysia’s economic recovery depends on the success of its vaccination programme. “Should herd immunity be achieved earlier, we believe that the country’s economic recovery will move in tandem and can also be achieved earlier,” he said.

Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who serves as the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP) coordinating minister, announced on Thursday that the federal government is allowing state governments and private hospitals to purchase vaccines other than those used in the federal programme, provided they are approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

He said they could source vaccines from the same suppliers as the federal government, namely Sinovac and BioNtech-Pfizer, although the national vaccination programme’s orders will be fulfilled first.

Apart from Sinovac and BioNtech-Pfizer, WHO has approved AstraZaneca, Sinopharm, Serum Institute of India, Janssen and Moderna vaccines for emergency use.

In addition, the NCIP has increased the number of mega vaccination centres. On June 21, the NCIP included Bukit Jalil National Stadium in its list of mega vaccine centres. The stadium joins Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Setia City Convention Centre and three other mega vaccine centres that came online on June 7.

Imran views the efforts to ramp up vaccination in positive light and the immunisation objective is within reach. “The key now is to convince more rakyat to be inoculated, which is a shared responsibility and not just the government’s.”

Companies with vaccine deals:


Deal: Procurement of Sputnik V vaccine from two contract manufacturers in China, with capacity to produce between 312 and 960 million doses over 24 months. Inked MoU with Russian Direct Investment Fund to manage contract manufacturers for the sovereign fund.

Status: The vaccine maker expects to receive approval from WHO within two months, and has to receive approval from Malaysia’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).


Deal: Entered into joint venture with E-MO Biology Inc for the development of Covid-19 vaccine derived from existing oral poliovirus vaccine.

Status: To commence production, distribution upon the completion of phase IV trial and approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).


Deal: One of two companies that entered into Covid-19 vaccine supply agreements with the health ministry. Entered into a purchase agreement with Sinovac for 14 million doses of ready-to-fill vaccine and to manufacture the doses domestically.

Received request for 7 million doses from state governments and GLCs.

Status: Expected to supply the federal government with 3.8 million Sinovac vaccine doses by end-June. Expected to receive 10.4 million doses of Sinovac vaccine by end-August. The group is able to produce 2 million doses a month


Deal: Entered into an agreement for the dealership and distribution of Sinopharm’s Covid-19 vaccine. Inked MoU with Sabah state government for the procurement and import of Sinopharm’s vaccine.

Status: Awaiting delivery schedule from vaccine supplier.


Deal: Entered into a framework agreement for the commercialisation of Generex’s Ii-Key-SARS-CoV-2, for exclusive rights in Malaysia and several other countries in Southeast Asia. As a prerequisite it has to secure a pharmaceutical good distribution practice certification from the NPRA and register the product with the agency.

Status: The submission to NPRA is expected to be done by 2022/2023. Generex has filed for a trademark application for the vaccine. Announced in January that it was preparing for a new drug application to US FDA.


Deal: Entered into an agreement with the Malaysian government for the supply of 6.4 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine.

Status: The vaccine maker expects to receive approval from WHO within two months, and has to receive approval from NPRA.


Deal: Entered into a registration, manufacturing and commercialisation agreement to market and distribute China’s CanSino Biologics’ Covid-19 vaccine. It will establish a fill-and-finish facility for the vaccine. Entered into a supply agreement with the health ministry for 3.5 million doses of CanSino’s vaccine.

Status: Received conditional approval from the Drug Control Authority for the vaccine for emergency use.


Deal: To distribute oral-based Covid-19 vaccine developed by US-based Vaxart Inc in Malaysia with Rinani Dynamic Sdn Bhd after obtaining licences and approval from the authorities in Malaysia.

Status: Vaxart to embark on phase II testing in mid-2021, will seek approval from NPRA upon obtaining approval from US FDA.


Deal: Entered into a partnership with SinoPhil Biotech for the provision of a Covid-19 vaccination programme in the Philippines.

Inked letter of intent with Anhui Zhifei Biopharmaceutical Co Ltd for the supply of initial 10 million doses of the latter’s Covid-19 vaccine as soon as the government gives approval for private market vaccination.

Status: Awaiting approval by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration.

Subject to Zhifei’s vaccine meeting all rules, regulations and licensing requirements imposed by NPRA.


Deal: Exclusive distributor for Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co Ltd’s inactivated KConvac vaccine with a period of five years (renewable) for no less than 20 million doses yearly. Received the first batch of Covid-19 vaccine.

Status: Obtained NPRA’s approval on June 3 for the Clinical Trial Import License. To roll out Phase III clinical trials in Malaysia.