SAS 2022 made timely return post- pandemic with RM1.06 billions business deals

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Aviation Show 2022 (SAS2022) which was held from 8th to 10th of September soared beyond expectations, surpassed the 8,000 visitors target over the three-day event. The three-day show, held across 28,458 sqm saw a crowd of 10,563. SAS also successfully recorded RM 1.06 billions of potential of transaction value during the 3 days event.

This inaugural event managed to assemble a total of 62 exhibitors from 5 countries representing the world’s best of aerospace and aviation industries, displaying their exhibits either on the tarmac or in the exhibition booth at the venue. The total number of static aircraft displayed was 30, almost double from last year’s SAS 2021. Among the prominent static aircraft exhibits were the FALCON 8X – DASSAULT, B CESSNA CAR V - HM/PA, P.180 AVANTI - KRIS SAKTI and others.

13 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) on various aerospace industry sub-sector collaborations were signed during SAS2022. These were between: -

1. Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated) and + 10 Aerospace Companies (Aerodyne Group, Asia AeroTechnic Sdn. Bhd, GE Engine Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, HICOM-Teck See Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd, Sapura Industrial Berhad, Smartlink Engineering Sdn. Bhd, Spirit AeroSystems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, T7 AeroTech Sdn. Bhd, UMW Aerospace Sdn. Bhd,UPECA AeroTech Sdn. Bhd)

2. SELATI & Volar Air Mobility (China & Hong Kong)

3. Systematic Aviation Services Sdn Bhd & Oriental Sky

4. Systematic Aviation Services Sdn Bhd & GIAAN Group Sdn Bhd

5. MSAF & Davinci Gliders Ptd Ltd. ( South Korea)

6. Global Component Asia Sdn Bhd & Black Arrow Space Technologies Ltd (Blast) (UK)

7. Pen Aviation & IT Sky Solutions Ltd. (Nigeria)


9. Delta Aerospace and Aeronautique Design & Service Bureau SA (Switzerland)


11. AEROVIONE & Czech Aviation Training Center (Czech Republic)

12. MSAF & Seniman Malaysia

13. MSAF & Kelab Rakan Udara Malaysia

14. MSAF & Aerospace Solutions Sdn Bhd

The agreements signed cover various collaborations such as research and development for the aerospace industry, dual license & Air Transport Pilot training, one-stop MRO centre for drones and maintenance of ‘amphibious’ aircraft.

Green aviation technology company Volar Air Mobility Ltd, which inked the biggest memorandum of understanding (MoU) at the Selangor Aviation Show 2022 (SAS) worth RM675.1 million (USD150 million), aims to introduce the first green air taxi service in Malaysia within two years. Volar collaborate with Selangor Aviation & Technology Innovation (Selati) to promote green aviation in Malaysia. The MoU entails potential aircraft manufacturing; maintenance, repair and overhaul; air taxi service training; and research and development for a five-year period. As a joint undertaking, Volar and Selati will establish the Institute for the Development of Electric Aviation Malaysia, a think tank to promote and support the development of green aviation.

Meanwhile, the strategic collaboration signed between Delta Aerospace Sdn Bhd (Delta) and Aeronautique Design & Service Bureau SA (ADSB) concluded the investment deal valued at RM166.7 million (EUR 37.5 million) for the Joint-Venture, which will result in ADSB having an equity in Delta Aerospace Sdn Bhd. ADSB will transfer all available design documentation and technological equipment used for the production, type certificate for LA 8, all of its sales dealers and existing contracts in relation to sales and spare parts to Delta Industrial.

Other highlight throughout the SAS2022 include the Meet & Greet session with Air Force The Movie Cast and Crew: Selagi Bernyawa which stars Aiman Hakim Redza, Dato’ Adi Putra, Nas-T, Luqman Hafidz, Johan As’ari, and Pablo Amirul, Carmen Soo and Iman Corrine to furthering public interest in the aviation and aerospace industry.

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SOURCE : Invest Selangor Berhad (for Selangor Aviation Show (SAS)

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