Tech and digitalisation key to Sabah’s economic growth

PETALING JAYA: Technological innovation and digitalisation will be the lynchpin to Sabah’s “green” economy of forestry and agriculture and “blue” economy comprising of ocean potential and tourism, according to Country Heights Holdings Bhd and Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank founder Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew.

He believes “green” economy is a mainstay of the state’s economy and will continue to be a contributor to the gross domestic product and people’s welfare, while the crucial “white” economy faces a challenging post-pandemic era as it contends with restrictions and stricter standard operating procedures.

Lee said both of this economic facet would be further developed in the coming decade through technology innovation and digitalisation as it reach towards the “white” cloud.

“Data-driven methodology and ecosystem can provide added values to existing industries and businesses,” he said in a statement.

The founder said with the state’s affordable land and electricity prices as well as favourable state government policies and business conditions, Sabah could be the perfect venue to build data centres and become the next major digital hub in the region.

He pointed out the technology transformation in the business sector is inevitable and was accelerated in the pandemic.

“By working on basic infrastructures such as fibreoptics and large-scale data centres, Sabah has the potential to create a boom in its economy and become a haven for investors and businesses in the next generation to come.”