KUALA LUMPUR: An entrepreneur from Selangor took home Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot of RM27,992,111. The sole winner of the multi-million jackpot prize had placed a System Bet 5 consisting of the winning combination of 4101+5965 in the May 15 draw.

The winner shared his one and only strategy in playing numbers; that is to persistently buy the same set of numbers with DaMaCai System Bet play.

“I have always bought the same 5 numbers since last year. This winning ticket consists of the winning number 4101, which is my car plate number while 5965 is an inspiration number I received last year from the temple I frequent,” the winner said.

The entrepreneur said his business has been badly affected due to the hibernating economies over a long time caused by the current Covid-19 situation. This windfall will definitely help to relieve his overstretched business condition.

“The money will go towards my business cash flow, and in response to this challenging pandemic, I will donate critical medical supplies and healthcare equipment to support and safeguard our frontliners in the battle against Covid-19,” said the winner.

“I remain hopeful and looking forward to coming out from the marathon battle against this global pandemic.”

Da Ma Cai spokesperson shared that the winning ticket for the jackpot was sold in Serdang. “Playing system bet maximises the chance to win, and this round it’s a really big win for our lucky Da Ma Cai customer.”

The Da Ma Cai spokesperson also urged that the most important thing to help fight Covid-19 is to curb the spread of virus by wearing a mask, keep physical distancing and other preventive measures when in public.

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