They sell the mangoes at RM10 per jar

Traffic Light Fruit Syndicate Leader Earns Up To RM48k Monthly

WE are pretty sure that you have come across individuals selling pickled fruits better known as “Jeruk Buah” in plastic containers at traffic lights. We have even seen some wearing ridiculous costumes to attract attention and potential buyers.

However, did you know that the boss of this operation earns up to at least RM48,000 a month? According to Goody, a 19-year-old mango seller revealed that their employer assigns them a daily sales target of 30 jars of mangoes, from 9 in the morning until evening.

They sell the mangoes at RM10 per jar, with the daily sales goal set at 30 jars. However, they often fall short of this target, averaging around 20 jars per day.

The seller is part of a group of eight people divided into two teams in Seremban. Each employee receives a commission of RM3 for every jar sold, provided by the employer.

The growing demand for these mango outlets has resulted in their proliferation at nearly every significant traffic signal intersection. Even more surprising is that during a collaborative operation with the Negeri Sembilan JPJ, it was discovered that some traders had employed foreign workers without the necessary permits, along with local workers from other states.

It seems that the employers usually provide accommodation for their workers, many of whom are not residents of the state. Additionally, they set up tents at their trading sites to store stock in barrels, and trucks are used to transport the mangoes to their central gathering point.

The act of selling goods at traffic lights and intersections is covered under Rule 10A(1) LN 166/59 of the Road Traffic Rules, making it illegal. This offence started being enforced last year, with vendors facing fines ranging from RM150 to RM2,000. Buyers should also be aware that they could be fined for purchasing these goods.

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