ANOTHER day, another customer is not getting their money’s worth dining in. It is common, as of late, to find the quality of food not matching its hefty price tag, especially local fare served in more modern-looking establishments.

A well-known kopitiam chain has recently come under fire for serving an abysmal portion of butter and kaya in their butter and kaya toast set.

In a Facebook post by Ernie Chen, he was reportedly served only a tiny strip of butter and barely any kaya on the toast.

“This is called No Brain Butter Kaya Toast! Bye for life,” he said in his post.

Ernie heavily criticised the eatery, saying that it “totally lost out” and now is atrocious at what it once did so well, but also pointed out how the chain once dominated the “modernised kopitiam comfort” concept.

He even went on to praise the kopitiam chain’s other younger competitors, asserting that he is “very particular” about how his butter and kaya toast should be made.

According to WeirdKaya, Ernie mentioned that he had provided his feedback to the kopitiam outlet’s staff about the toast but also believes that the eatery should reach out to him.

He added that said butter and kaya toast cost him RM6.

Most netizens agreed with Ernie’s post, remarking that the once-loved kopitiam chain’s quality plummeted and that they have not eaten there for years.

A netizen also commented on a similar experience around two years back where the toast was served that way, even reporting the matter to the kopitiam chain’s headquarters, who confirmed that that is how the toast is meant to be done.