Netizens Irked By Parking Prices At Newly Launched Exchange TRX

THE Exchange TRX, a recently inaugurated shopping haven in Kuala Lumpur, is facing public backlash due to what many deem as exorbitant parking rates. The outcry has intensified, especially during weekdays, where the parking fees at Exchange TRX surpass those of other prominent malls, hotels, and even hospitals in the Malaysian capital.

On weekdays, the first hour of parking at Exchange TRX costs RM5, with each subsequent hour demanding an additional RM4. The accumulated cost of parking for two hours reaches a staggering RM9, a figure that has left many visitors astonished. After 5 pm, a flat rate of RM10 is imposed, with a maximum daily cap set at RM30. Weekend rates at Exchange TRX are marginally more palatable, with the first hour priced at RM3 and each subsequent hour also set at RM3.

Comparisons Paint a Stark Picture:

Comparisons with other well-established establishments in Kuala Lumpur have only intensified the dissatisfaction among the public.

Pavilion KL, a renowned shopping destination, charges RM3 for the first hour and RM3 for subsequent hours on both weekdays and weekends.

Starhill Gallery KL offers a more reasonable rate of RM5 for the first three hours on weekdays, with subsequent hours priced at RM3. On weekends, the rate is RM10 for the first eight hours.

Even Le Meridien KL, a luxury hotel, presents a more diverse range of rates, including RM5 per entry for in-house guests, RM10 for visitors attending events, and RM10 for the first three hours with RM11 for subsequent hours for dining patrons.

Hospital Parking Comparison:

The high parking rates at Exchange TRX become even more apparent when compared to hospital parking fees.

Prince Court KL charges RM6 for the first two hours and RM3 for additional hours.

Gleneagles KL, another medical facility, charges RM3 for the first hour and RM2 for subsequent hours, capping the cost at RM16 for the period between 7 am and 7 pm.

The substantial price differential has triggered a wave of public dissatisfaction, with netizens expressing their displeasure on various social media platforms. Many argue that the cost of parking at Exchange TRX makes it more economically viable to opt for public transportation when visiting the mall.

The controversy surrounding the parking rates at Exchange TRX underscores the significance of fair and competitive pricing in the fiercely competitive retail and hospitality landscape of Kuala Lumpur. As public discontent continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether the management of Exchange TRX will reconsider their parking pricing strategy in response to the public’s vocal dissatisfaction.

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