PUTRAJAYA: The 2024 Seri Angkasa Awards (ASA) will see the introduction of a new award under the new media category, namely Best Podcast.

Deputy Communications Minister Teo Nie Ching said podcasts are a new trend in new media and should be recognised.

“Podcasts are very popular now, providing a lot of good and up-to-date content, so it is the right time to give recognition to high-quality podcasters,“ she told a press conference on the ASA 2024 nomination here today.

A podcast is a digital audio programme consisting of a series of audio episodes that can be downloaded or streamed over the internet.

Teo said ASA nominations would be open for two weeks from July 1 until 15.

The 36th edition of the ASA, inspired by sparkling diamonds, is themed ‘Kilauan Prestij, Citra Kegemilangan’ and scheduled to be held in October this year.

The awards encompass 40 for television, 16 for radio, four for new media and two special awards of ‘Anugerah Khas Juri’ and ‘Tokoh Seri Angkasa’.

All nominations must be submitted through licensed broadcasting organisations and first aired on broadcasting stations and new media platforms between Jan 1, 2022 and Dec 31, 2023.

Throughout the nomination period, the Ministry of Communications will provide facilities to access and submit nominations through the ASA 2024 system at Computer Laboratory B, 19th Floor, Communications Ministry Complex here.

All government and private broadcasting stations are invited to refer to and submit nominations for 60 categories online through the www.anugerahseriangkasa.gov.my website.

ASA has been organised 35 times since 1972 and is an important government initiative through the Ministry of Communications to recognise and elevate the local broadcasting industry as well as behind-the-scenes teams.