PUTRAJAYA: Foreign countries are overwhelmed with the way Malaysia manages the administration of education at various levels and want us to share the expertise and experience in the implementation of the process said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

Zambry said representatives from a number of countries when met during The four-day Education World Forum (EWF) session in London, United Kingdom which started on May 19, had complimented the system and policies implemented by Malaysia.

Throughout the EWF session, Malaysia was regarded as among developed nations with an excellent system in terms of planning, and implementation of education policies at lower and higher level of education.

“A number of representatives from other countries came to meet me and told me how impressed they were with how Malaysia managed and administered the education system and hoped Malaysia can offer them the expertise.

“Insya-Allah, Malaysia is ready to ensure the education agenda is given importance and priority at the global level,” he said in his official Facebook posting today.

In the EWF plenary session, Zambry said he had shared Malaysia’s strategy in carrying out the country’s education policy through three main strategies, namely allocation, effective strategic planning and identifying priorities.

“Firstly, I explained that Malaysia is among countries that emphasised on the importance of education and the evidence is through the allocation in the budget for education which took up 19 percent of the country’s overall budget for year 2024.

“At the same time, the government continuosly strived to upgrade infrastructure and facilities for education at all levels,” he said.

In terms of strategy, he said the Higher Education Ministry had underlined several areas to be focused and given attention to ensure an impactful result in not only among the educationists by the community and the country.

Five strategies that have been given attention are talent; effective research and innovation; transfer of knowledge to the community; globalisation; and management of quality infrastructure.

“One important factor that I shared with delegates of the EWF planery session was the importance of working together and moving as an united team to ensure the education agenda can become a catalyst to change the future generation,” he said.