KUALA KRAI: Some 10 cattle breeders in the Kuala Krai district have started moving their animals, like cows and goats, to safer and higher areas in preparation for possible flood following continuous rain since last Friday.

One of them, Mohd Sekeri Mat Shah, 63, from Kampung Batu Mengkebang, said he had also built a temporary shed in a hilly area in the village for his 15 cows.

“Every monsoon season I will move the cows to a higher ground. During the monsoon season, and when it rains, it may cause the water level to rise and flood the area near the banks, which is the grazing area for my cattle.

“So, when the monsoon starts, I’ll build a temporary shed on a higher ground and move my cattle there,” he said when met by Bernama, here today.

Meanwhile, a sheep breeder in Kampung Tengah, Rosli Abd Ghani, 62, said his sheep are normally left to graze near padi fields and rivers, but he would have to be more alert during the monsoon as the rain could cause flooding in the affected areas.

“I will always monitor the situation, such as the weather. When it rains heavily, I will not let the sheep out of their barn. I have also identified a suitable area to place these sheep if a flood occurs,” he added.

Yesterday, the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) issued a warning of possible flooding in Tanah Merah and Pasir Mas, if the rain continues. - Bernama