PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Mahmud Jumaat has announced that he is still representing the mother of Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin, the autistic six-year-old who was as found murdered in December.

“For everyone’s information, I am still representing Zayn Rayyan’s mother. I decided to represent Zayn Rayyan’s mother after meeting with the family,” explained Mahmud in a Facebook post.

He added that Zayn Rayyan’s grandfather had reached out to him yesterday (June 10) to apologise regarding the claims he made that he had never appointed Mahmud to represent his son, Zaim Ikhwan, and daughter-in-law.

“He has apologised for what happened,” said Mahmud.

On May 6, former deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Fahmi Abd Moin was appointed as the new lawyer to represent the parents of murdered six-year-old.

Fahmi had then confirmed that he was appointed by the couple’s family.

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